How to Back Up your Medium Articles. (for when you’re ready to say goodbye)

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There is the saying, ‘nothing lasts forever.’

So many times changes and updates to platform algorithms have had a negative impact on the livelihood of content creators.

The most affected by these changes are creators that make most of their income from platforms. This is why it is common knowledge to diversify.

Diversifying, means ‘you have multiple things going on for you’ — like owning a personal blog, and or product. Something that is truly yours, and not tied to Social Media platforms or any platform in general.

One of the best ways to make diversifying possible, is to back-up your work.

Backing-up is the process of keeping records of files or documents. It is helpful in the case you need to vacate a platform and reuse your content.

Backing-up also keeps you ready for algorithmic changes, account deletion, censorship, or unfavorable changes to terms of service.

A rule of thumb is to download a backup of your information each week.

How to back up your Medium articles

Step 1. How to find your medium profile…



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