Keyboard Shortcut to Shut Down a Windows 10 PC

No mouse needed

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A keyboard shows the crtl, fn, and alt keys.
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Keyboard hacks make the use of a PC easy. They are the life hacks of the computer universe.

I use the key shortcut to shut down my Windows 10 personal computer(PC) when I have problems with my mouse navigation.

Here are the three steps to shut down a Windows 10 PC with only your keyboard. No mouse required.


Step 1.

Press and hold

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

The shortcut takes you to your Windows 10 security options screen.

Step 2.

Press the Tab key 8x times and hit ENTER.

Step 3.

Press the down arrow key (↓) to highlight shut down.

Step 4.

Hit ENTER to shut down your Windows 10 PC.

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