Medium Is Dead (figuratively) — Is It Time to Jump Ship?

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The end of Medium is nigh!

Writers are experiencing a drop in views — the chosen for further distribution notification is no longer a thing. It is now factored into the algorithm, so say Medium.

Although the notification is gone, will it really be missed? Many have reported they earned close to nothing from having the fanciful text behind their stories, but it was a morale boost — some sort of appreciation.

From the perspective of astrology, it is but for a roadmap — possibly something divine to help them navigate the mysteries of Medium — to let them know they too are worth it.

This takes me back to my younger years competing to get a 10/10 score from my english Madam. In such youthful years, I was only trying so hard to not get kicked out of the house. The results meant nothing, but to fulfill an agenda.

What is your agenda?

(Hold that thought)

Remember the second sentence of this article? Yes, top writers(Jessica Wildfire and Dr Mehmet Yildiz) have lamented the reduction in views, feeling under-appreciated and more.

Keep in mind these are writers that have been writing on the platform for a very long time — possibly since the inception of the platfrom. However there is also compelling infomation contradicting Jessica’s stance on views.

Whether the information holds true or not, the fact is Medium has a grand agenda, and so should you.

So back to the question:

What is your agenda?

If Medium should cease to exist today, what’s next? Do you have a back up plan?

Will you be like Katherine, from the tv series Vampires Diaries, with a stack of back up plans. Or Jack from the award-winning movie, Titanic — who drowns saving his beloved Jane, and goes down with the ship.

Download a back up of your Medium articles and get ready to jump ship.

Writing platforms such as:

  • Substack
  • Hubpages
  • Newsbreak
  • Vocal Media

Are viable options.

What do you think about the removal of the chosen for further distribution notification? Is Medium’s new management avoiding accountability and sacrificing goodwill?

Remember never to put all your eggs in one basket. Be wise as the ant.




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