Twitter Just Needed to Go — Bye!

Wasn’t my cup of tea

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2 min readNov 30, 2022
Twitter in a tea cup
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I deactivated my twitter account, and I don’t think am ever going to miss it.

My main twitter account was created sometime while I was in the University. I can’t recall the exact date but roughly around level 200 or 100 maybe.

Back then, there was such a buzz among my colleagues about twitter being a cool place to argue with internet strangers about dumb stuff (such as music, football, celebrities, etc.).

You know, youthful exuberance and all.

With the intention to not miss out on all the fun — I created the account. Not my most big brain move, though. It ended up being one barren land for me. Wasn’t really my cup of tea.

So I deserted it until sometime after my degree — got a tiny bit active on the platform then later transformed it into a space to promote my medium articles, and share that of other writers after I joined medium.

In case you are looking for great places to promote your medium articles I would suggest:

  • ManyStories
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Slack.

(I may share insights into how to promote medium articles with these platforms.)

Now, where was I? Ah, lately I haven’t been writing much on here, and have decided to cut back on my social media usage. Twitter wasn’t worth promoting my articles anymore so I hit the deactivate button.

Like I said earlier, It wasn’t really my cup of tea. Anyways!




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